A is for Apex-What Day Is It Anyway? April 1, 2020

The University of Washington projection for California to reach apex of cases is April 28.  New York is predicted to peak earlier on April 10. So in California we will have a ways to go with ‘stay at home.’ It will probably go further into May or until June. Hard to get my head around how long this is but in the beginning I felt 15 days would be a long time. Now we have gotten through that time. So need to take this one day at a time and someday we will be looking back from the finish line.

When I see the suffering in New York and how hard it is hitting the Healthcare providers I think that the requirement for all of us to maintain the social distancing is a small price to pay. New York mayor, Andrew Cuomo, has a press conference every day. He was very inspiring to me today saying we can’t let this virus change us so that we will be afraid to be close to each other when this is over. He talked about his fears for his younger brother who now has the virus. His words are important to New Yorkers and to us all.

What Day Is It Anyway? #WDIIA, is a blogging community hosted by Linda G Hill.

Featured image ‘Mount Brewer in Kings Canyon by Albert Bierstadt

4 thoughts on “A is for Apex-What Day Is It Anyway? April 1, 2020

  1. dawnkinster

    I haven’t heard an apex for Michigan…or maybe I’m not listening. I try to watch the news for a bit every morning, and then husband and I watch some in the evening. Other than that I leave the TV off because I got too anxious listening to it all day. I live in SE Michigan, and we’re a hot spot at the moment, though my township is more rural and so far we only have 3 cases. The town right next to us has 20, and that’s only a mile away. Everywhere else in our county has plenty of cases, and we had one teenager die in our area last week. I’m lucky my back yard is pretty big, over an acre, so I guess I’ll get to see spring from here..not a bad view after all.


    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I got the information from IHME University of Washington State projections. Here is a link for Michigan projected peak April 9. Info will be updated on the site tomorrow, Saturday. https://covid19.healthdata.org/ I know what you mean about the news. If it gets repetitive about the numbers and all I take a break from it too. It makes me a bit apprehensive too when I see the numbers edging up in LA County and a few cases being reported around me. I hope we can hold down the curve. Good you have a big yard. I do get relief seeing the nature in my yard, birds, squirrels, occasional duck in my pool, some doves too, even lizards. Stay safe and well.




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