Art Deco

Los Angeles Union Station is done in Art Deco design as are other buildings like the City Hall, my featured image of the Eastern Columbia Building, Griffith Observatory, and more. So much was created in Art Deco design… buildings, furniture, jewelry, art, trains, cars, screens, doors, theaters. Elegant Art Deco.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill. Prompt for today is -eco. Featured image is The 1930 Eastern Columbia Building in the Broadway Theater and Commercial District of Los Angeles via Visitor 7 on Wikimedia.

17 thoughts on “Art Deco

  1. JoAnna

    I’ve always kinda liked art deco, but never really studied it. You’ve got me curious. I really like the blue in the first photo. It reminds me of water. And the Spirit of the Wind ? hood ornament? is fascinating.

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      1. Eden

        Yes, it’s stainless steel. The Crucible Steel plant was only a few miles up the road from the building. They had a ready supply at hand.

        I really love Art Deco for buildings, but for other things, I love the Art Nouveau… the curves and floral themes just make my spirit soar.

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      2. Eden

        So futuristic and yet, it had to be saved because for a while the city of Syracuse thought it was too old to be safe…. odd how our minds perceive things. Says something for the style too, truly a style that ages well.

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