Leftover Pumpkins And Candy

What can you do with leftover pumpkins. A post popped up in my email by Theo Ellin Balle of OZY Magazine that had several suggestions like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin relish, and pumpkin face masks. And if there is a farm near you, pigs like to eat pumpkins too.

We have a lot of left over candy and I wondered what I can do with it besides my husband and I eating it. So I did some quick research and found:

25 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Some suggestions from research were: freeze it, add it to deserts or brownies and cupcake recipes, put it in a piรฑata, use it for Christmas decorations, science experiments, and a post from Mommy Poppins suggested charitable organizations with links you can donate it to like our troops and Nursing Homes.

I like the idea of giving it away to a Nursing Home for the staff and/or residents.

Video of Pigs Eating Pumpkins as seen on OZY magazine from FarmSanctuary.org Featured image of Halloween Candy by Luke Jones on Flickr.

14 thoughts on “Leftover Pumpkins And Candy

    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      That is amazing. Our neighborhood has changed and all the kids have grown up or are doing other activities for Halloween. I was grumbling a bit about having to answer the door a lot, even though the kids are cute, but it did not turn out to be a problem.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      It is nice that some animals enjoy raw pumpkins. I saw a video of a squirrel eating part of one. I tried making a pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin years ago. Have you had success with it? Now I thinking about pumpkin pie. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. JoAnna

        When I made pie from the pumpkin, I didn’t use the stringy stuff, but I’ve heard some people do. Most use the “flesh” after cutting the skin away. I cut it up like potatoes and boiled the chunks. It did take a while. Then I mashed them before adding the other ingredients. A blender of food processor would be easier and make the pumpkin smoother. It did take a while. I”ve heard of people baking the pumpkin, but when I tried that, it got really dry and hard to mash. I wonder if you could roast the pumpkin pieces in olive oil. Hmmmmm. I love roasted veggies. And pumpkin pie.

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