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Leftover Pumpkins And Candy

What can you do with leftover pumpkins. A post popped up in my email by Theo Ellin Balle of OZY Magazine that had several suggestions like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin relish, and pumpkin face masks. And if there is a farm near you, pigs like to eat pumpkins too.

We have a lot of left over candy and I wondered what I can do with it besides my husband and I eating it. So I did some quick research and found:

25 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Some suggestions from research were: freeze it, add it to deserts or brownies and cupcake recipes, put it in a piñata, use it for Christmas decorations, science experiments, and a post from Mommy Poppins suggested charitable organizations with links you can donate it to like our troops and Nursing Homes.

I like the idea of giving it away to a Nursing Home for the staff and/or residents.

Video of Pigs Eating Pumpkins as seen on OZY magazine from FarmSanctuary.org Featured image of Halloween Candy by Luke Jones on Flickr.