Art Project

The 26 artists were paid $1 per hour to paint the frescos inside the Coit Tower in San Francisco as part of the Depression Era Public Works of Art Project. They created wonderful murals about the theme of “Life in California.”

There was a series on my local PBS station called California Gold hosted by Huell Howser. I found a video of his about Coit Tower. If you have the time to watch it covers a lot of interesting history about the tower and the murals, including an interview with one of the artist’s ( Bernard Baruch Zakheim) daughters.


Here are a few slides of some of the murals via Wikipedia:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The San Francisco Chronicle has some more beautiful photos of the murals.

This post is my contribution to Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word is “project.” Featured image is Coit Tower Fire Haze Sunset by Chad1616 via Wikimedia. Photos of the murals from Wikimedia by Daderot (Newsgatherings, Railroad and Shipping, and Library), Saiko (City Life, Agriculture and Department Store), Orin Rozen(Industries of California) , and Wnewton 48( Industries of California).


Coit Tower at Dusk by skeeze via Pixabay


8 thoughts on “Art Project

    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Yes, and these murals depict an earlier time in California. I love the way they respresent all the different aspects of what was here in California then. I think they were happy to have a commission to create. They applied for this job and were selected out of a larger group. 🙂

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