Overdosing On Sci-Fi

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.”  Well not really. There is always something, good and bad. But this past couple of weeks could be high on my list for bad. Made me have a feeling of unreality. How can this be happening?!  But I have been through tough things in life before and survived, so far. But as a way of coping this time, with my near depression, I have sought some comfort in bingeing on old Star Trek shows. I had already been watching Voyager episodes but then I started watching more and now I am onto Deep Space Nine. What I love about Star Trek , besides all the great characters, sets, and costumes/make up, is how in each episode there is a big problem but then it is resolved and justice is restored to the galaxy or the Alpha, Delta, and Gamma Quadrants. I think most times the “good guys” win. I read somewhere that that is what drama is supposed to do. There is a problem or crisis and then you have the resolution and catharsis. In Star Trek there is diversity and gender equality. It is very uplifting to see (space) people respecting each other even when they have very different cultures and appearances, and women respected and in leadership roles. I know what you’re thinking, The Borg can be difficult. But I kinda like them too. As long as they don’t try to assimilate me.

My grandson was born Friday (11/18/16) This is something good. I love him very much.

This post is for Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt was to use “yes.” Featured image of Jeri Ryan, Garret Wang, and Robert Picardo by Sol Ami on Flickr.

Also participating in #Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party

6 thoughts on “Overdosing On Sci-Fi

  1. JoAnna

    You’ve crystallized what I love about Star Trek, with dilithium crystals, no less. Every series brings the theme of hope. And it was great to watch a woman at the helm in Voyager. Maybe someday… Congratulations on your grandson’s birth, may he live long and prosper!

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