Oldest message in a bottle ever found

via Oldest message in a bottle ever found  per Smithsonian is the one sent by George Parker Bidder in 1906 and was found 108 years later.


I would like ta get a message in a bottle from Sting. How cute is this guy? That is a rhetorical question. I don’t think I ‘ve heard this song before. I definitely heard of Roxanne.

The idea of sending a message in a bottle is so magical and romantic. Who will find it? George Parker Bidder did it for scientific reasons. I think it is cool to do it just to see where it takes you. Like notes tied on the sagebrush. Who will find it? Who will read it? Will it make a connection with them?

This post is for Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt for today was “ta” and I stretched it a bit.

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9 thoughts on “Oldest message in a bottle ever found

  1. John Holton

    What gets me is they were going to send her a 1906 shilling coin. The value of one GBP in 1933 is about 48 GBP today, so 1/20 of that would be 2.40 GBP. They should probably send her Three pounds Sterling…

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