I wrote this post last year and decided it was a good one for today’s Stream of Consciousness on the word “miss.” When you don’t check into WordPress or Facebook each day, do you feel like you are missing something?  There is a popular phrase for that called “the Fear of Missing Out” or FOMO. This whole week, I feel like I have been recovering from the Thanksgiving weekend activities or maybe it is because the weather is getting colder here in Southern California. At least colder at night and in the mornings. Puts me into a sleepy, hibernating kind of mood. The leaves are falling off the trees, except for the palm trees. I feel like bundling up with a good book or movie. And I think my old post, with a bit of editing,  from last winter will be new to many people so here it goes:

I know this is true but I had forgotten. When you are wrestling with an issue information will start popping up about it all around you.

Today I opened my email from Idealist Careers and here was a post about something I had been thinking and writing about myself. The post was called Embrace JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out by Allison Jones. In it she linked to another blogger Anil Dash who had written on this topic as well. JOMO is a response to FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.

I get a little crazy with all the acronyms. Believe me, it is not that I have never seen an acronym before because in my work life there were plenty of them. It just seems like, with all the frenzied communication, we are all talking in acronyms. When I first saw FLOTUS it reminded me of flatus and I thought of gas. POTUS, a potted plant. Well maybe these acronyms are a lot of hot air after all. But I digress.

The gist of the blogs about JOMO and mine is that we can be selective about all the social activities and interactions that are asking for our participation these days. We need to be in touch with ourselves and what our needs and priorities are. There is great JOY in taking time for our private lives and quiet pastimes alone or with our friends and families.

Other bloggers commented on my post with similar sentiments. The need to find a balance and find  the JOMO.

Now to curl up with that good book and I have a nice cup of coffee right here.

14598406762_4376511853_z Peaceful

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12 thoughts on “Disconnections

  1. Denise Covey

    I love this FOMO. I’m sure most of us suffer from it to a degree. Sometimes I just get annoyed at all the social media that I’m on and feel I need a break…then I feel the FOMO coming on. No win! 🙂

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I resisted signing up for Facebook for a long time. It does take time to scroll through it. I do follow a few websites that I am interested in. Mainly, I use facebook for family. I don’t post everything I am doing. “Likes” even with blogging are tricky. Sometimes it can seem very random. I try not to get caught up on how many likes I am getting. Of course, getting “likes” has an effect though. I think it is good to get involved in activities with people in real time for sure. 🙂

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  2. Prajakta

    I loved this. I was travelling for the last one month and it was heartening to know that I could live peacefully without data – so no whatsapp, facebook and other social media for ages. My own space is actually enough for me without trying to get onto the bandwagon.

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