Princess Zenarra

I am writing a sequel because I thought the story about Zenarra ended too soon.

“You will fulfill your duty and marry Tomar with the next moon rising,” Jolar’s words echoed in her brain. She must not allow herself to be defeated so easily.

” Yes I am of royal blood and an ancient line, much older than Tomar’s. You expect me to mate with that diseased pervert who spends his nights in brothels defiling children?” Zenarra’s eyes flashed in defiance as she held Jolar’s cold gaze. Her hand reached to her pendant as she gently depressed the center stone.

Minat heard the shrill sound coming from the monitor. She searched the screen display to locate her mistress.

Later that night the flashing lights of the police cars lit up the scene on the bridge. The patrolman remarked to his partner, ” That was some lightning strike. All that’s left of the poor bugger is those melted boots.”

“You said this sensor device was implanted at birth?” the surgeon asked.

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15 thoughts on “Princess Zenarra

  1. joey

    Wow, that was trippy! You have a great imagination. Things that were once so far-fetched don’t seem so anymore, do they? I think it brings more believe-ability to stories like these. Sensors — they’re everywhere! Leaving you melting in your boots, or perhaps replacing them at the car dealership 😉

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