SOCS-Foreign Correspondent

I have been in a quiet period in my writing. A dry spell, dry as a bone. I am in a quiet period where things are being gathered up and mulled over. When I think of something I’ll phone it in. That is what the newspaper reporters used to do, phone their stories in to the paper, if they were in a hurry with a breaking story or far away like a foreign correspondent. Foreign correspondent sounds so romantic, exciting and glamorous. Note the title correspondent. Like writing a letter. So beautiful.

There was a time when the foreign correspondent could not phone in a story because there were no phone cables across the ocean. Stories had to be sent by sea on a ship. Until the Transatlantic Cable was laid along the ocean floor, you had to wait to hear the news from other countries. I think in many ways that was better. You did not have to hear so much and so soon.

So think of me as an old time foreign correspondent. I will be sending in my stories but they will take a little longer to get here.

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17 thoughts on “SOCS-Foreign Correspondent

    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Thanks Dan, appreciate it. ❤ I almost bailed too. 😀 I would have liked to be a foreign correspondent in those old days before it got to be so risky to be an American in other countries.

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  1. Kat

    I totally understand dry spells and quiet periods. 🙂 I think they are both natural parts of a writer’s life and they are both necessary at one time or the other.

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