Hard to Believe

200 Posts

200 Posts on Notes Tied On The Sagebrush

I received notification the other day that I reached this milestone. It is hard to believe I have this many posts. I started my blog in the Summer of 2014. So happy to have connected with other bloggers and my readers. It has been an interesting experience. If anyone had told me I would be blogging I don’t think I would have believed them.

I am still finding my way in the writing journey. Thanks for your support readers and fellow bloggers.  🙂

My posts have been going in different directions to match issues that hold my interest. I am still involved in Education and work with kids with learning differences. I am interested in issues impacting women, the environment and ageing. I like participating in some writing communities. I am thinking how I can organize my blog around these themes. A work in progress.  🙂

17 thoughts on “Hard to Believe

  1. LifestyleswithLia

    Hi Deborah!
    I think my previous comment didn’t go through? Forgive me if you get a double! But in fact it’s a double pleasure to say congrats to you on your 200 posts! I look forward to reading your next 200+ as much as I have in reading your first !
    Cheers to you !
    Sincere wishes ,

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