Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Frida Kahlo

Frida_Kahlo_(self_portrait)  via wikipedia

“My paintings are well-painted, not nimbly but patiently. My painting contains in it the message of pain. I think that at least a few people are interested in it. It’s not revolutionary. Why keep wishing for it to be belligerent? I can’t. Painting completed my life. I lost three children and a series of other things that would have fulfilled my horrible life. My painting took the place of all of this. I think work is the best.”
― Frida Kahlo

|Writer’s Quote Wednesday|

Writer's Quote Wednesday

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Frida Kahlo

  1. Silver Threading

    Wow! I love how he says his paintings contain the message of pain. As writers, we try to convey the same messages with our words. Thank you. A powerful quote! ❤

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