Sunday Rest

Their_Day_of_Rest_(1919)_-_Ad_1  wikipedia

“She broke his heart with one of her biscuits.”

Here we are at Sunday and taking a day of rest again today. I was looking for an image and found the one above. This old film sounds like it would be funny even today. Carter De Haven was a comedy star of silent films and worked  as director and in production with Charlie Chaplin on The Great Dictator and Modern Times. His wife, an actor as well, often worked with him. Her maiden name was Flora Parker. I found a photo of them on Wikipedia as well.

fav-haven   Mr and Mrs Carter De Haven wikipedia

They were a handsome couple. I have watched a few of the old silent films. The actors had to rely on conveying so much with facial expression. The old black and white and their heavy make up did not always bring out their good looks. We can see from the photo they were beautiful.

Many of the old films are lost forever. It is amazing to me that the film above was made almost 100 years ago.

Happy Sunday!

|Nano Poblano|

6 thoughts on “Sunday Rest

    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Notorious is a great one. I did not know about these actors either and discovered them when I was looking for an image. I am interested in films old and new. I am not anywhere near expert but I would like to take a class myself. I like to listen to the director talk about their film on DVDs. Sometimes their is an expert discussing some of the classics as well. They will point out lighting and all the things that went into making the film and setting the mood. Things that us lay people may not notice.

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      1. Fourth Generation Farmgirl

        I agree. It’s interesting to learn how the director uses camera angle, etc. to get a certain effect or allude to other films. For example, in the film “Home for the Holidays,” directed by Jodie Foster and starring Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning and Holly Hunter, Foster uses the same camera angle in a scene with Anne Bancroft that was used some 30 years earlier in The Graduate–also starring Anne Bancroft. I thought I’d also share this one other bit of film trivia: Alfred Hitchcock used Hershey’s chocolate syrup to represent blood in the shower scene of the black & white film, “Psycho” starring Janet Lee. Apparently, the chocolate syrup appeared to have the same viscosity as blood, and since it was a black & white film, it worked well. 🙂

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      2. Deborah Drucker Post author

        You would have to be a real film aficionado to pick up of that film angle with Anne Bancroft. Chocolate syrup, I did not know that. The film was terrifying though. And women for many years including me would think of it when taking a shower. 🙂

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