SoCS Water-Light Night Rain

After complaining about the gray weather and no rain predicted it did start to drizzle and rain lightly in the evening. Then later that night I heard that dripping noise outside again. I opened the patio door to check and turned on the patio light.

It was raining. Not heavily. But raining a slow gentle quiet wonderful dripping rain. The drops making a slow soft splashing noise in the pool and on the patio. What a wonderful sound.

There is that nice wet smell of the earth. And the smell from the smoke of a neighbors chimney.

We need a lot more rain in California.


images3NHEHNOY  Rain, Raindrop via pixabay

|Nano Poblano|

and my friend  |LindaGHillSoCS|



29 thoughts on “SoCS Water-Light Night Rain

    1. Cynthia Diament

      I love all your posts. The one about rain really connected with me. When I first moved to California from Memphis via Wisconsin, I thought every time there was a gray sky it was going to rain. It was kinda crazy that it hardly ever rained. What a teaser! I was told it was just June Gloom or Gray May. I do miss the rain with so many of the senses responding in a glorious way. Lets have more rain and more of your blogs.

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      1. Deborah Drucker Post author

        Hi Cynthia. I think there might have been a mix up. I think you were talking about my post about the gray sky and this one about the rain. Thank you for the sweet compliment. Appreciate. It was such a nice surprise to see your comment here. 🙂


  1. Audrey Meltzer

    Isn’t it kind of amazing how so many of us respond to the subject of rain. Melbourne gets quite a bit of it in the winter and sometimes a little late spring, and I never tire of hearing its sound and seeing how it refreshes our earth. I wish I could send some of it to my beloved California and elsewhere where needed!

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