18 thoughts on “Silver Threading Event Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Sandi

    Such an interesting quote: I switched the words around in my head when I first read them, b/c I thought I remembered that L’Engle had written books for older audiences. Then I realized what she had said — I love this idea of children grasping more than we can.

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    1. shanjeniah


      My kids are 10 and 13. They’ve never attended school – and I learn from them every day.

      We don’t do lessons; instead, we provide a rich environment and lots of connection.

      The other day, my daughter (the 10yo) was drawing and chatting with me, and mentioned the five stages of grief. I had no idea that she knew about them, but she went on to describe them, and, when I asked where she heard them, she said, “Family Guy or American Dad or Futurama – oh, it’s all over the place.”

      Maybe that’s why kids are drawn to shows like these- they don’t shy away from satire and hard stuff.

      My kids have a sibling who died in infancy (my oldest was 22 months; youngest born a year later). They’ve accepted death as part of life their whole lives, and they understood its permanence at much younger ages than many experts say children can.

      I think Madeleine L’Engle, whose books I loved as a child, understood this about children. It’s often the adults who want to protect children, but what children want is the truth, so they can devise their own ways of dealing with it.

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      1. Sandi

        From that perspective, it makes sense that Charles Wallace–the youngest character in A Wrinkle in Time–is also the wisest. Interesting train of thought, shanjeniah: thanks for sharing your experiences. (I homeschool my kids, too–and it is amazing how much they can learn through exposure.)

        And thanks for finding this quote, Deborah. WQW is such a thought-provoking event — I couldn’t resist the acronym, Deborah 🙂

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      2. Deborah Drucker Post author

        I agree with you that children can think about life on a much deeper level than we realize. I read a book several years ago where the author had talked with children about their spirituality and it showed that kids do have their own beliefs, not related to formal religion. I am sorry about the loss of your child.


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  3. jsackmom

    Oh that’s a beautiful quote!!! I now know why the first chapter I wrote was for childrens literature. I must revisit it and breath some life and words into it. Thank you for the inspiration. 😃




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