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Mystery Mansion

Sarah Winchester sought to be elusive to the ghosts who haunted her after the death of her husband and only child. She had married into a wealthy family and inherited a huge fortune on the death of her husband.* She spent a large part of her fortune and the major part of her life building onto her mysterious mansion. The workmen never stopped, working in continuous round the clock shifts. No expense was spared and many luxurious materials went into the construction. The house was built to appease the ghosts who haunted Sarah and possibly confuse them, with some doors that go no where or stairs going up to the ceiling. She would sleep in different rooms to elude the spirits and held séances to communicate with them. The number 13 is a recurrent theme in the house’s construction. Many rooms were constructed only to be torn apart. I have a memory of visiting there but now realize how little I knew about this mysterious house and lady. It is a disturbing story, a spooky Halloween tale. I hope she found peace in the end.

*heir to the inventor of the Winchester rifle. For a bit more history click on the links.

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Featured image of the Winchester Mystery House mansion via San Jose Library Archives on Flickr.