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Corona Fatigue-What Day Is It Anyway? March 31, 2020

It is hard to keep track of the days and I find myself looking at my cell phone calendar. News today that San Francisco and Bay Area counties are extending ‘stay at home’ until May 1. The whole State of California will probably follow this soon. My husband and I are having trouble sleeping so fatigue is getting to be a problem. Part of the fatigue is from the undercurrent of tension as well. We lose our tempers much more easily.  So how will we all cope for 1 more month. Our little grandson visited in person from a distance yesterday with his parents. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t come in the house or come close to us. I am not afraid of infection from him but afraid that we could be carrying it and give it to him. We are planning to get groceries delivered as much as possible. I do wash my hands after handling and putting away the groceries. Our city posted on their website that there is help for people who need it with pick up for grocery and pharmacy.

It is good that we have access to the internet and streaming media so we can read articles, books, watch movies, TV series, documentaries and blog. We can visit virtually with family. I can go out for walks or work in back yard. Have to focus on what we can do.

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Featured image of ‘Fatiigue’ by sculptor Cecil Howard on Wikimedia.org