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Let’s Rock Age

I feel a disturbance in the force…things are beginning to shift. Change is coming. In the UK we have AONR ( Age of No Retirement) that is working with older people and companies to “develop prototype programs designed to smash age barriers: to define “retirement” and “seniors” differently and to give older people a voice in new-product development.”

“The reality is that those who live longer are increasingly seeking work, not only to generate income but for a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Many people don’t want to simply retire and garden for 30 years. They’re looking for more.”-Jonathan Collie MD

Then in the US we have a new book by Ashton Applewhite , “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism.”  It is on my list to order from B&N.

I agree with Ashton Applewhite that we can feel alone in facing our ageing and that it would be very positive to have a dialogue about our experiences. At any rate, I am happy to see more light shown on this topic.

And I found this blog: The Radical Age Movement: Confronting Ageism. I enjoyed reading their posts. I like their New Year’s Resolution:

  • Continue to confront ageism wherever we see it
  • Create language that honors longetivity

  • Increase pride in aging

  • Work toward building an interdependent society

  • Speak up against age prejudice in our workplace, healthcare, the media, and among our friends and family


This movement is long overdue. I will not be sorry to see the negative stereotypes about ageing finally put in their proper place, (the trash).