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Some Rambling Thoughts about Focus

250px-Boreas by John William Waterhouse 1903 via wikipedia

“One way to boost our will power and focus is to manage our distractions instead of letting them manage us.” –Daniel Goleman


I get frustrated trying to take a photo because it is hard for me to be sure the image is in focus. I wear glasses for reading now and it seems that this does not help when I am trying to focus a camera or my phone to take pictures.

I have trouble staying focused in other ways at times. I can get distracted by interesting things on the internet and spend way too much time browsing. I am not a regimented person. Left to my own devices I enjoy following my own schedule. Which can mean no schedule. I can meander through the hours.

I do like having choices of what to do with my time.  If I have an appointment or need to do some work at a certain time I am good with that. But otherwise I really like to call my own shots.

It is easier to focus on things we enjoy doing.  Like reading an article that catches my eye, watching a favorite film or reading a favorite author.

Social media like blogging can be very alluring and distracting.  I am drawn into perusing the “likes” on my posts and comments.  I enjoy the back and forth chats I get into sometimes in the comment sections. But then it is harder to focus and organize my thoughts about what I may want to write. There is a need for a schedule or regular routine to better order my day when I have this time I do have. To structure it for myself. To bring things into focus.