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When It Rains It Pours


“When it rains, it pours” is a common expression that refers to when a series of bad things happen all together. On the way to a job I got a flat tire. I pulled over to the curb and put on my emergency signal light so the oncoming traffic would see my car and not run into it. After getting my tire changed by the tow truck driver, I went to start my car and the battery was dead. So I had to wait for another tow truck to bring a new battery. Similar to Murphy’s Law that says, “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” The historic slogan for Morton Salt is “When it rains, it pours,” referring to the image of salt pouring freely out of the container.This image of the Morton Salt girl with the umbrella is over 100 years old.


Morton Salt

Hope the people in the path of Hurricane Harvey stay safe.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill. Prompt for today is “when”, start the post with the word “when.” Image of Morton Salt by downing.amanda on Flickr and image of Rain via giphy.com