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Weekend Coffee Share #9 Moving In

Coffee’s ready, come on in. My morning cup is Pete’s French Roast with a splash of half n’ half. It’s how I start my day. That is one constant that hasn’t changed, which is comforting. The past year has been full of unwelcome changes but did end with some positives. My husband and I just moved into our retirement home and we are starting to get settled. We were able to get our COVID vaccines. Our new neighbors are friendly even though we still great each other at a distance and usually with masks on. We have three citrus trees in our backyard. The grapefruit is starting to blossom sharing its lovely fragrance. The landscaping was already in and is dry-scaping with assorted flowering bushes and desert plants, with a drip watering system. I really appreciate that the landscaping is done because I am not good at it. When we arrived the garage was clean and empty. We quickly decorated it with a very large assortment of cardboard packing boxes and have been busy clearing it out. It is probably unrealistic for me to expect it will get back to its pristine state again anytime soon. I have been busy finding just the right place for everything in our cupboards and closets. It’s a challenge when you move in with too much stuff from your old house which had more rooms and closets. My hope was to downsize our belongings. My husband has the most stuff and was the most unwilling to part with it. Maybe we can chip away at some of it in the coming months. I’m probably dreaming again there. It’s funny the things you don’t notice when you are buying a new place. Like the microwave had a missing rack, one of the electric outlets was upside down, the washing machine has a high pitched squeak when it’s running, and there were bins left in the garage for the refrigerator but they don’t fit this model of refrigerator. I said to my husband optimistically ‘maybe the washer is supposed to make that noise.’ He didn’t think so. The washer repair person is coming to check out the machine. At least it’s under warranty.

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie on Natalie the Explorer. Featured image of Pikachu Latte Art, Harajuka in Tokyo cafe by ajay_suresh on Flickr.com Roadrunner photo from National Park Service Death Valley.