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“From outward appearances, no one can tell, the rich inner lives we lead.”                 ∼Notes Tied on the Sagebrush


Lucy Maude Montgomery

“There isn’t any such thing as an ordinary life.”-L.M. Montgomery

Today is Bessie Coleman’s 125th Birthday , First African American woman pilot,Google reminded me. JustJotItJanuary is hosted by Linda G Hill. Featured image (top of post) ‘Contemplation’ by Maurice Fillonneau on wikimedia. Photo of Lucy Maude Montgomery via wikimedia. Today’s prompt word is “extraordinary” suggested by Kelly of Forty, C’est Fantastique!(https://fortyandfantastique.wordpress.com/)



“Laughter is to the soul what sunshine is to a flower.”-Peggy Toney Horton

Reading funny commentary has been a real stress reliever for me lately. Being able to laugh at something is truly healing. Laughter is one of great pleasures of life. Maybe comedians are truly healers.

“Laughter is a powerful weapon for it carries the light. To laugh is to defy the darkness.”      -Isobelle Carmody

One Liner Wednesday and JustJotItJanuary.

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Winter is the time for quiet and contemplation. The sunlight is weaker and the temperatures drop. Darkness comes earlier in the evening and I find my energy waning. Nature and I are drawing inward to ourselves. The power of life is not diminished, it is just resting and storing up energy. In the Spring it will burst forth again. No man made force can hold it back.

JusJotItJanuary is hosted today by Dan Antion of No Facilities. Word prompt “power” supplied by Erica at 20/20 hines sight. Click on their links to visit their blogs. Featured image of Bodie Hills, Ca. via Bob Wick of US Bureau of Land Management Conservationlands April File on Wikimedia. Click here to get some interesting information about the Bodie Hills location.


Just For Fun

“Perhaps I write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for when they scrawl their names in the snow.”
― Margaret Atwood

I enjoy writing on my blog. But is it something tangible and am I a real writer? What is a real writer?  It is someone who produces a tangible product like a book or published article. I am writing therefore I am a writer even if I never sell or publish any of it. Writing on my blog or anywhere else is not a job or career and I don’t think I want it to be just now. It is a form of creative expression and sometimes I get on My Soapbox about an issue. A description of my blog writing matches these synonyms for hobby:

Amusement, relaxation, divertissement (ooh, cool French), play, interest, leisure activity, sometimes whimsy, but also art, craft. It is way of being creative for me. Fun.

JustJotItJanuary is being guest hosted by Rosemary Carlson. The prompt word, “tangible” was provided by Prajakta at An Armchair Perfectionist.


Warning Signs

My morning ritual is coffee, toast/bagel, read several news sites, email, gradually get ready for the day. Having some jittery feelings about the transition to the new President. There are so many news reports of his political appointments, tweets, and general prophecies of doom, gloom, foreboding, and The Russians. So I need to titrate the amounts of these stories going into my brain to help protect myself. Balance the negative with the positive hopefully. Remember there is positive in the world like my duck and turtle crossing sign. I mean if people are trying to protect the ducks and turtles there has to be some good will out there, right?   🙂

The prompt for today’s post is “warning” supplied by my friend Dan Antion at No Facilities for JustJotItJanuary hosted by Linda G Hill. Featured image via Max Pixel.


Sex And Marriage With A Robot

This is disturbing to me because the robots depicted in the short video are very machine like. I could not imagine having one for a mate. How do you feel about this? I just watched an old episode of Star Trek TNG last night, ” The Measure of a Man,” which is about the android, Data, and how we define what is sentience. Data is so “human-like” that it is easy to relate to him as an individual and envisioning friendships and relationships for him. What kind of personalities would these future “robot-mates” have? Would they be so totally compatable with us, be like mirror images, our twins? Would they never chose to disagree about our choice of restaurants, movies, activities….Just kind of wierd.


You may not believe this but it’s just a matter of time that some of our children, or grandchildren, will take a robot as a life partner. In fact, at the recent Love and Sex with Robots conference in London, industry experts predicted that human-robot marriages will become commonplace by 2050.

You can read all about it here.The New York Post just did a story about this. While many of us consider The New York Post to be a rag, they do have unique and bizarre stories that eventually come true.

Make sure you watch the video too.

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Mormor Names for Grandma

I have recently found out that I am going to be a Grandmother for the first time. A new adventure opening up on the horizon with a new person coming into the world. I have not got my head around the idea just yet. My daughter in law had asked me what I wanted to be called, for Grandmother. I told her I wasn’t sure. I am not sure I will have a choice either because I think the grandchild can be the one who picks the name.

I called my maternal Grandmother and my husband’s Grandmother, Nana. I do not like the name Nana so much. I am not crazy about Grandma either.  I was inspired by a website by the Norwegian photographer Karoline Hjorth called Mormor Chronicles. Mormor is the Norwegian name for Grandmother. On the home page it says: ” Wise Words and Waffles from Nanas of Norway.” She photographed and interviewed several older women for the website. She wanted to give a voice to older women and show that Mormors don’t always match the stereotypes of Grandmother.

I know that Grandmothers in America today are not like the stereotypes of those in the past either. Some young women may say, when describing themselves, ” I am such a Grandma,” meaning the sterotype image of staying at home, knitting, and baking cookies. While I might appreciate these activities in others it does not describe me. I like to eat cookies but do not bake.

I did a little research with Google Translate to see what Grandmother is in a few other languages. I found there are several Pinterest boards and other websites that cover grandparent names. It’s kind of like those baby name sites.

A few names from the long list:

  • Amma (Icelandic)
  • Oma (German)
  • Babushka (Russian)
  • Nonna ( Italian)
  • Yiayiá (Greek)
  • Mèmè (French)

I am leaning toward the last one. Kinda sweet, don’t you think? What did/do you call your Grandmother?

Featured Image is “Lady with the Veil” ( the artist’s wife) by Alexander Roslin on Wikipedia.

In My Garden

Will this be me in winter? I kind of like the headdress. Mine would have to include Woolly Thyme, sage, and assorted cacti.


Photo: “Eyes as Big as Plates # Agnes Haugstad” (2011) © Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

This photo is from a Senior Planet post The Mythical World of Eyes as Big as Plates a project of photographer Karoline Hjorth. Woolly Thyme image by Patrick Standish on Flickr.


For most of my life I have operated within an external structure that was created by society. For many years there was school, then work, then parenthood. My roles and functions were defined, student, employee, wife and mother. In these roles I knew what was expected. Then, as I got older, I found the ground shifting with changing and decreased opportunities for work. My job as a parent was changing a lot as my kids moved into adulthood. They did not need me in their lives as much. So I found myself not needed for the working world and not needed so much as a mother. This has left quite a void. So much of how we define outselves is through our work or adult roles. I have to create my own structure and role now and I am not sure how to do that, what it will look like, and what I want it to be. My earlier life did not prepare me for this very well. I think that having structure created from the outside handicaps people from being able to function without it. It makes it hard to create structure from inside.


Stones image by Pixabay.com


Harder to find your direction.


Path of Biotope of Fiave via dega 180 Wikimedia


My husband and I have started landscaping the front and back yard with the help of good workers. I have never been a garderner but now I have been shopping for plants and ground cover that are drought tolerant and low maintenance. I discovered Wooly Thyme.


Featured Image Stone Structure Ruins via Public Domain Pictures.net