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Cat Got Your Tongue or Tails of an Introvert

I am participating in Kat’s weekly challenge Kat Got Your Tongue.


Some may find it hard to believe that I could be an Introvert since I do have a tendency to express myself passionately at times or get a bit carried away. Well, I think my strong feelings help me to express myself. And it is easier for introverts to express themselves in writing. Almost too easy. Anyway I do fit into the description of Introvert because I do get drained by too much stimulation from being in large groups or socializing a lot or going to a big party. I need time to recharge my batteries. Down time.

Not only do I need down time to recharge, I relish it. I love being by myself reflecting on something, enjoying nature or reading. Maybe this is why I like cats. I think cats are mostly introverts.

Here is a poem by T S Eliot “The Naming of Cats” via calicocentric:


|Nano Poblano|  Meow! Yawn! Don’t bother me.

images  Black Cat