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I’m Tired

I’m tired. The daily blogging. Pooped.

I’m tired! Haven’t I heard that someplace before? Hmm. Oh yeah!

I am sharing something some may see as a bit bawdy. Now don’t get any ideas. I am not tired from having sex with thousands of men. I just love this video. Very funny and so talented, Madeline Kahn. I miss her.

Madeline’s performance is a take off on a classic film performance of the actress Marlene Dietrich in “The Blue Angel.” Here is a video of that performance via edmundusrex You Tube:

The film The Blue Angel is a classic tale about the love of a young woman by an older man and how this leads to his downfall. It reminds me of Pagliacci an opera by Puccini where the clown is in love with a beautiful young woman and he feels the woman betrays him because she is in love with another man.

Emil Jannings as Professor Rath and Marlene Dietrich as Lola Lola in The Blue Angel (1930).

|Nano Poblano| yawn!