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Drive Carefully

I say “drive carefully” to my family members any time I know they are going off in the car. We do a lot of driving in California and I usually enjoy driving,but not in crazy rush hour traffic. I am not really keen on driving along narrow, winding roads that run along a high cliff like Highway 1 in California. Although, if I am the passenger, I work to tamp down my fears and enjoy the spectacular views. One place along that highway with a history of being particularly dangerous is Devil’s Slide. When I was a teenager I heard tales of reckless young drivers going over the edge. This section of the highway has been bypassed now and the old section has been converted into hiking and bike trails, a very good idea. Here’s a link to the history of Devil’s Slide and Highway 1, and “drive carefully.”

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This post is part of JusJotItJan guest hosted by Dan Antion at No Facilities. The prompt word for today is ” danger” suggested by Mathew at  MWLange, you can check out his blog,too.