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Most Famous Bond Girl and the Drive-in Movies

My morning routine usually begins with a cup of coffee first (of course). Then, turn on lap top and check email. Then, move on to browsing through the Huffington Post. The front page has the serious news on the top and, as I scroll down, a variety of articles. Some of which I can really live without. Like those involving anything about the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus or a celebrity’s clothing problems. After checking out the front page, I might go to their spiritual section which tells you how to control your stress, be happy and get enlightened in 5-8 steps. Third stop, Post 50 with all the advice and article for those over 50.

One blogger I like a lot is Ann Brenoff. Her post today is about the actress Honor Blackman or better known as, the title of the blog says, “ Most Famous Bond Girl, Pussy Galore, [Turns, 89].”

Ann’s blog triggered some thoughts and memories  for me. I remember seeing “Goldfinger” at a drive-in theater with my boyfriend when I was 16. At that time, before women’s lib and when I did not have any knowledge of women’s history, I found this character’s name offensive. I did not see her as an inspiring role model for me. Like, “Guess what mom? , I want to grow up to be like Pussy Galore.”  It sounded like a porn star. While many boys probably fantasized about themselves as James Bond.

Not wanting to be unfair to Ms. Blackman, I did a little research on her career. I found she was in the original “Avengers” series and her character “Mrs. Cathy Gale” was apparently an inspiration to feminists in England. I do understand that women have not always been given strong roles in films. And I admire Ms. Blackman for going strong at 89.

“Goldfinger” also got me thinking about Drive-In movies. During the summer growing up, I stayed at my grandmother’s house in Clear Lake. The only movie theater in town was a drive-in. It would be very dark in the country at night and my cousin and I would walk to the drive-in with flashlights. On the way, we would see the flattened bodies of many dead frogs that had been attracted by the headlights of passing cars and run over. We would take a blanket with us and watch the movie sitting on the ground.

Going to the drive-in was a popular date night activity when I was a teenager. The price was reasonable for the movie and a snack and it was an opportunity for young lovers to be alone.

Drive-ins were popular with families with children as well. You could bring the whole family, including babies and toddlers, and not worry about the kids making noise.

When my kids were really little, we took them to drive-ins with us when we didn’t have a babysitter. On a trip up the coast one summer we stopped in Santa Barbara. We had our 18 month old son with us and the only way we could see a movie was to go to a drive-in with him.

If you’re curious about movie theater history, I found an interesting website.

I have some happy memories about summer and drive-in movies. How about you?

Image by Bradley Gordon

Image by Bradley Gordon