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If You Like Giffs

I am just starting to add GIFs to some of my posts and find they do add something extra and hopefully interesting. I wanted to give a shout out to dalecooper57 @diaryofaninternetnobody.com who has offered to create free GIFs for fellow bloggers. He has an interesting blog and you can go check it out. He created one for me which is my featured image. How do you like it? Maybe you’ll want one too.

Note: You may have realized I am not a super tech savvy person. I have been learning a lot since I started blogging but I am still learning. GIFs are something fairly new to me. So I did some research and learned that GIF is an acronym for Graphic Interchange Format and the GIF in my post is an animated GIF. I noticed that there are do it yourself GIF websites. Wonder how easy they are to use?