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A whole lot of water over this dam
For the first time in Lake Oroville’s history, overflow is sent down an emergency spillway.
WATER RUSHES down a hillside from the emergency spillway at rain-swollen Lake Oroville, depositing mud and debris into the Feather River. (Brian van der Brug Los Angeles Times)
By Bettina Boxall and Patrick McGreevy

“More than 10 million salmon were evacuated from the Feather River hatchery downstream because the river water had grown too muddy for them.”

Northern CA’s Oroville Dam, the nation’s tallest dam ( 770 ft):




It is a good feeling to be looking back at this daily blogging challenge from the end. It wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated. On the whole, I am glad I did it. It was good to participate in the Nano Poblano community group because it helped me with meeting some new blogging friends.

I will be participating in a writing course with WordPress in December but may not be posting everything from that project. I plan to continue to post at least three times a week here on my blog. Well, here is my last post for this month.


When clouds form in the skies we know that rain will follow but we must not wait for it. Nothing will be achieved by attempting to interfere with the future before the time is ripe. Patience is needed.”

I Ching


This quote says more to me than just about being patient while waiting for rain. It can relate to any kind of waiting for something to happen. I know the restless, agitated feeling of wanting to find the answer to whatever I am seeking. I have found that I must learn to be patient. I have had this experience in the past. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen when it is time for it to happen. Patience.


“Significant rain to much of Southwest California Tuesday into Wednesday….This storm has the potential to bring heavy rainfall to much of Southern California next week.” —The Weather Channel (11/29)

We have been patient for quite a while. Good news to a state gripped by drought. We have had beautiful weather for most of November but we need rain. It is a bit cooler today, Saturday. We need rain because when things get so dried out and the weather stays hot the fire danger increases.

I saw a report online this morning that Northern California’s Fire Season is now over because their temperatures have been dropping. We are waiting for the same news here in Southern California. Patience.

Raincoat via wikipedia



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