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The Dust Has Settled

I had no idea when I made a comment to one of my fellow blogger friends that it would stir up such a hornet’s nest of controversy. It turns out many people have an opinion on the subject I had raised. It had to do with making connections with other bloggers when you are a new blogger. And should the more established bloggers reciprocate with their commenters and go and visit the commenter’s blog? and comment? Then this lead to another comment from me about the Big bloggers and how they attract new bloggers to their sites.

Many people weighed in on all my comments. By the end of the day I was still standing or sitting but just barely. 😀  I had struck a nerve apparently. This topic was on many people’s minds and they had a definite opinion about it.

There was some heated dialogue at times. There were many people who disagreed with me. There were many that agreed with me and offered support.

It did open a dialogue between me and the Bigger bloggers. This I see as a good thing. I think we all went back to our blogging corners and thought about it. We saw each other a little more clearly. We saw a bit of the person behind the comments and opinions. The person behind the blog. We were able to see things from each others perspective a bit better.

So I would say on the whole it was a good thing and positive experience. I want to say to you bloggers who are brand new to not get scared off by all this. Don’t be afraid to make comments. Sometimes you probably will stick your foot in your mouth. I know I did just recently when after a day of hearing all the arguments against my opinion,  I misinterpreted someone’s post and left a snarky comment and felt I had to apologize.

I appreciate that some of my more experienced blogger friends offered me some support and advice. I appreciate that some of my fellow newbie bloggers did the same. I really appreciate very much the blogger friends I have made. xo

You see that’s the thing for me. It is the connections I make that mean a lot to me. Thanks guys.




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