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SoCS It’s All a Matter of Degree

Climate change is often in the news and on our minds. Especially if you have senses to be aware of the changes in the weather. Here in California we are aware of the lack of rain and the length of our summers which can extend far into autumn. Our air conditioning bills are increasing. The Salton Sea is drying up. I have read that Southern species of birds are moving North and competing with local birds. Can we and the creatures that share our planet adapt to the changes wrought by changes of climate?

Some encouraging news in this post I read from Smithsonian is that some species are showing the capacity to adapt and are doing so.  This is a counterpoint to all the doom and gloom.

I have told myself to not let all the bad news get me down. We can not see the future and, although I believe we need to address global warming, that all outcomes may not be as bad as we fear.

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Smithsonian article link below:

Can evolution save species from death by climate change? Maybe. Kinda. #ItsComplicated.