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Like baling water from a leaky boat, It seems like the more stuff I try to get rid of, more comes to take its place.  Over the past few years, I have periodically worked at getting rid of things. When we had the kitchen painted, we had to empty out the cupboards. I used this as an opportunity to sort through and get rid of what we have accumulated and don’t use.  My husband and I seem to working at cross purposes though. He is tempted by bargains on eBay. That’s how we ended up with 2 double coffee makers in addition to our single pot coffee maker.  He justifies this purchase because he got one of the double coffee makers for $5. In case you’re wondering, we now have the capacity to make 52 cups of coffee at the same time. I just finished reorganizing our collection of everyday dishes and glassware in the cupboards. My husband has been adding assorted pieces to our everyday dishes for a while, and there really isn’t room for another thing. I thought he had gotten better about buying stuff on eBay. Then, just the other day I spotted some boxes on the dining room table, a set of 24 glass coffee mugs. I asked him why he bought them since we don’t have room and he said, “They were a good price.”

Post inspired by Almost Iowa post ‘My Storage Room.’ Featured Image of Good Housekeeping cover 1908 by John Cecil Clay via Wikipedia, looks like me trying to decide where to put some of our crockery.