Roadrunner Romance

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I had almost given up on seeing roadrunners in our yard. But during breakfast this morning I spotted a roadrunner on the patio. I hurriedly grabbed my cell phone and went to the patio door. That’s when I discovered it was a pair of roadrunners. One of them was making some dance moves on the other. The recipient of the advances did not seem too interested. They moved from the top of the wall into my neighbor’s yard. I did manage to get a few quick photos before they left.

Boy watches girl
Beginning moves
More moves but girlfriend is distracted

Always great to see the roadrunners.

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie at Natalie the Explorer.

14 thoughts on “Roadrunner Romance

  1. Jennifer Jones

    I love seeing your roadrunners. I know this sounds silly but I didn’t realise they really existed. We don’t have them in Australia. I thought they were just seen in cartoons. #weekendcoffeeshare

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