Weekend Coffee Share #15-Stepping Out

Coffee is ready. Pull up a chair and sit down. Would you like some cinnamon raisin toast? If we were having coffee I would tell you I have re-entered the outside world this week. The days are still blurring together and I am late doing this post. You ask what was I doing exactly. Well I got my first haircut at a salon in over a year. My daughter had given me my COVID haircut months ago. The appointment was at 9 AM. I don’t like having early appointments but this worked out well. There was no one else in the shop. The beautician asked if I wanted my hair blow dried and styled but I opted for cut only to get out of there quicker. I got some routine lab tests done at the new doctor’s clinic and I went back the next day to take my husband in for his. The chairs were spaced apart in the clinic waiting room and everyone wears masks. I went to two exercise classes at the community clubhouse. The first was Chair Yoga. The chairs were spaced but I thought the class was a bit crowded. Everyone must wear masks. I tried a different class a few days later, Stretch and Balance. It was more Yoga poses but emphasizing slow stretches, which I like. We were spaced out again and a bit less crowded. The mask was a bit uncomfortable at times. I did not like taking deep breaths with it on. Where I first approached the sign in desk, I questioned if I could tolerate wearing the mask for the whole time. It worked out better than I thought it would, but it will be so nice when we can finally get rid of the masks. You can see I kind of went full speed ahead here with activities. Feels like from one extreme to the other. I signed up to take the same classes for the next 2 weeks.

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie on Natalie the Explorer.

12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #15-Stepping Out

  1. Denyse Whelan Blogs

    Lots happening here for you. I am glad about getting out and having a haircut. This time last year in New South Wales Australia, where I live, we did not have anything like the awful cases in other states or countries so things opened up slowly and surely. I was able to have my haircut after only 8 weeks instead of my usual 4. The salon only did bookings, had health checks on arrival and only 2 people working and two people in salon. I was so relieved to get some care for my very (usually) short hair. Things are basically pretty well ‘normal’ for covid precautions here, sign in via an App, use hand sanitiser and do not attend if unwell. We did wear masks for a while at the hairdressers but not now. The whole world is moving, changing, and making decisions right now…and in our case, over 70, we have had one astra zeneca shot, need to wait till June for 2nd one and now with concerns about blood clots in some after being injected, unsure of what’s next. But, I am grateful both of us are well. I hope things keep improving for you too. Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Glad that things are better where you are. I hope it is over for the world very soon. We are still having outbreaks here in the States with these variants. California is doing well now. Hope we do not have setbacks. Thank you, Denyse

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  2. Natalie

    Good for you to go out for your haircut and exercise classes. I’d like to get a haircut but hair salons are not allowed to open in my province atm. Thank you for sharing. #WeekendCoffeeShare

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      We had a similar situation here. Even when the salons opened for limited customers I did not want to go when the pandemic was in full force here. Good you were able to cut your own hair. I felt I could go without it until it felt safe. Thanks for coming by, Regina.




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