Brother Watch

I was able to Skype with my brother this afternoon and it was very good to be able to see him. He feels tired, and looked tired, but he says he does not have a sore throat and is coughing less. He is on observation for 14 days. He told me the Nurses are offering him liquids. I spoke with the Charge Nurse and she says he is stable right now. So we are not out of the woods but it helps to see him looking fairly comfortable. His bed is by a window so he can look out.

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8 thoughts on “Brother Watch

  1. Susan Scott

    I was sorry to read a few posts back Deborah of your brother’s health. Great to hear that all is a bit better and that you were able to have a conversation with him! And so great that he has a room with a view 🙂 I wish him so well …

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      This epidemic is hitting Nursing Homes hard. I hoped we could avoid it but it hit his Nursing Home too. It really did help to see that he was not severely ill right now. Thank you for your kind wishes, Susan.

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