Waiting For News

I think the Nurses at my brother’s Nursing Home are trying to answer my questions in good faith but I feel I am not getting a full picture of how he is doing. They read off his vital signs that indicate no fever, but they tell me he does not want to Skype because he feels too sick, he has a cough, and a sore throat. I see these as possible symptoms of cornonavirus. A patient was sent to the hospital from this facility a few days ago and was found to test positive for coronavirus. That patient’s room was near my brother’s room. A staff member also tested positive for coronavirus. My brother is in isolation with his roommates. I was told this was a precaution to protect him. I am concerned my brother could get dehydrated because it is hard for him to swallow. He can only get fluids when the staff gives him fluids. He is unable to reach for a glass and drink by himself because of the MS. So I asked that he be offered fluids frequently, every time the staff goes in the room. The Nurse today told me he has instructed the aides to offer my brother fluids. I asked that the staff check on him so he does not feel alone. I emphasized how helpless he is and that he needs them to check in with him. I called his MD today and his doctor thinks he should be tested for coronavirus and is ordering other labs as well. I mentioned the possible need for intravenous fluids. I feel better that I made sure the doctor is evaluating my brother now. I thank the Nurses every time I talk to them and I can’t help crying sometimes.

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18 thoughts on “Waiting For News

  1. Cynthia Diament

    This is such a difficult time! I wish your brother to feel better soon. I will say prayers of healing for him and strength for you. I’m glad you have a good relationship with the nurses and that you are knowledgeable.

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  2. dawnkinster

    Oh my. This has me crying in sympathy with you. That must be so frightening for both you and your brother. You, not being able to get to him and make sure he’s being taken care of, him feeling alone and maybe scared, and tired and sad. This is all so hurtful in so many way. I am glad you got the doctor involved. And you are right, you are dependent on the nurses there, keep in touch with them and continue to thank them. Can we send him cards? Or can we do anything else?

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