Healing Sights and Sounds

Let’s face it, we are all going through trauma and a grief reaction right now as a reaction to all of our lives being turned upside down. We can all be in the various stages of grief and may go through the same stages more than once. For a description here is ‘COVID-19 and the Grief Process.’

The trauma part is the shock of it all and seeing all the loss. We’re living with a higher level of stress even if we are not acknowledging it fully. It makes me disoriented, (what day is it?), and I have trouble sleeping as many hours as I need to. So I have been looking around for tools to help me cope and I want to share them in my blogs.

Some soothing nature sounds to help relieve stress recorded by Lang Elliott for gratefulness.org. Be sure to set the volume lower.

And more:

And images:

Still more:


Monterey Bay Aquarium also has several guided meditation videos they call MeditOcean.

What Day Is It Anyway? #WDIIA, is a blogging community hosted by Linda G Hill especially for these times.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2020, # A-Z Challenge 2020

Featured image ‘Solitude and the Sea’ by artist Jacques Bodin

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