Cooler and Partly Cloudy-What Day Is It Anyway? Sunday March 29

It’s in the low 60s (Fahrenheit) today. Cloudy but the sun peeks in and out. Sunshine does make things seem brighter. Trying to maintain good hygiene and wash my hands and keep my hands away from my face. Periodically wipe off faucets and other handles like doorknobs with my handy disinfecting wipes. I don’t have a huge stock of them and right now pretty impossible to find more at stores or online. But I do have some disinfectant spray cleaners I could use as well.

I am not a big fan of housework and cooking but now am doing more of both. Not that I was going out to restaurants that much anymore before the ‘Corona times.’ What will we call this when it is over? I do a lot of dishes lately. We do have a dishwasher. So it’s a lot of loading and unloading.

Keeping in touch with family with calls and Skype. It is a good idea to use Skype especially for your family that may be more isolated. My younger brother is in a Nursing home and I am able to visit him with Skype.

How are you all doing?

What Day Is It Anyway? #WDIIA, is a blogging community hosted by Linda G Hill.

4 thoughts on “Cooler and Partly Cloudy-What Day Is It Anyway? Sunday March 29

    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Skype is easy to set up. There is also Zoom and Face time on I phones. Glad you are hanging in. This is going to be challenging with another month + stay at home. I like to stay in a lot anyway but I think it is the stress of having the threat hanging over us. Stay safe and well, too, Renee!

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