Anniversary Three

July 29 was the 3rd Anniversary of my blog Notes Tied On The Sagebrush on WordPress.

Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 3 years ago.

I have always had trouble tooting my own horn. This seems to be at odds with the fact that I am willing to write and state my opinions on a blog. This may have to do with being an Introvert. Many writers are introverts and find it easier to express themselves through writing. I found this in a post from Introvert, Dear 7 Reasons Why Introverts Are Good At Writing by Gloria Kopp:

“Introverts don’t like the spotlight. In fact, anything we can do to avoid it, we’ll do. When we write, we get our thoughts out without having to put ourselves physically out there. We can express ourselves freely, without being intimidated by a room full of eyes staring back at us.”

So I like to express myself by writing but feel uncomfortable in the spotlight. I will stop talking about it now but just add Thanks to my readers for continuing to visit my blog. ❀

Featured image ‘Allen’s Hummingbird in Santa Cruz, California’ by Shravans14 on

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