Lunch Box by Scott Rubin


The JustJotItJanuary prompt word for today is “rubbish.” Here in the US we do not refer to our rubbish as rubbish, we call it trash or garbage. We use the words in a similar way either literally or figuratively. So somehow this reminded me of another word we have used to describe something we think is rubbish, trash, or garbage…and it isn’t a swear word.

The word is baloney and an old American expression is “You’re full of baloney” or “That’s baloney”Β  which means that’s crazy, nonsense, rubbish, crap, BS, blarney, garbage, hogwash, malarky, gobbledygook….you get the idea. Baloney ( proper name balogna) is also a luncheon meat that many of us took to school in our lunch boxes as kids. This image below makes me hungry for a baloney sandwich and I really don’t like baloney all that much. And it is baloney on white bread, probably with mayonaise. It does sound good though. It looks like the white bread we used to eat when I was little, called “Wonder Bread.” Now when my kids were growing up white bread was out and wheat or whole grain was in. Nowadays it might be gluten free. Β And that’s no baloney.

Balogna Sandwich by Diderot's Dreams

Baloney Sandwich for lunch

JustJotItJanuary is a blogging challenge hosted by Linda G Hill. Prompt word for today is “rubbish” suggested by Wendy of Wendy’s Waffle . Featured image of old fashioned lunch box by Scott Rubin on Flickr. Image of Baloney Sandwich by Diderot’s Dreams on wikimedia.

17 thoughts on “Baloney

  1. JoAnna

    When I was a kid, I loved fried baloney which was introduced to us by a babysitter. No more baloney for me, since I’m almost a vegetarian. I wonder if they make tofu baloney. Hmmm.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I like fried meats in omelettes sometimes. I have avoided lunchmeats for a long time because of hearing it is bad for us. I love dry italian salami but don’t eat it very often. I bet there is some kind of tofu baloney. πŸ™‚

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Well baloney (balogna) comes in a sausage form that can be sliced at a delicatessen counter. Our parents more likely bought it in a package, already sliced, from the grocery store. Thank You, Wendy. πŸ™‚


  2. joey

    I only eat baloney sammiches, and only at the beach. My mother always did this, and they are called beach sammiches. Moo likes one more often than we go to the beach, which is a bit sad for Moo, since I seldom bake white bread and she has to ASK for baloney. They must be made with white bread, slice of baloney, slice of cheese, slice of baloney and mayo only, cut diagonally and placed into baggies individually. They taste better with a little bit of sand, which Moo doesn’t know, I suppose. πŸ™‚

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  3. luckyjc007

    Wonder Bread is still available and I love eating it with bolonga or peanut butter & jelly. It may not be as good for me, but I don’t eat a lot of it and still eat the whole grain breads. The sandwich in the photo looks good! Nice post .

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I thought I remembered Wonder Bread was on the market again. That’s just it, baloney and american cheese and white bread were all thought as being overly processed and not good for us but they do taste pretty good and probably ok once and in a while. All these diet rules go in and out of vogue too don’t they? Thanks, JC. ❀

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