An AI-Written Novella Almost Won a Literary Prize

via An AI-Written Novella Almost Won a Literary Prize

I have to stop reading these emails from All right, I know, I just posted something about robots but this is starting to really get to me. For those of you that say a creative person has nothing to worry about with a robot taking your job…..

My question is why would you want a robot to write a novel?

8 thoughts on “An AI-Written Novella Almost Won a Literary Prize

  1. Dan Antion

    The majority of stock earnings (stocks) reports are written by computers today. It’s already more pervasive than most of us want to think. Worse yet, we will get used to the way “they” write.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Creepier and creepier. There is a real disconnect here. Do any of these companies that want to replace humans with machines consider the ethics involved in their decisions and the impact on human society?

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      1. Deborah Drucker Post author

        Well, I would rather have a human co-worker that a robot one. And I want to interact with humans not robots on the phone and when I go into stores and businesses. I could see how a computer could generate a report when they just have to plug in the data in the right spaces but to do something creative is a bit different. The robot that wrote the novella was assisted by humans who plugged in a formula and examples of other novels and the robot re-scrambled stuff. I think it would be like if you were a writer who follows a formula with all your books. It would not be very original. If a robot started to write about its experience of life, that might be interesting. It makes me have dystopian visions of the future with these trends of replacing workers with machines. If I could live another 50-100 years, I fear I would not recognize the world. I want to think humans will eventually triumph over the machines. That people will be able to have decent lives in the end.

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