Top Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Sonoma County

Farm-to-table Sonoma County

“Sonoma County chefs love their local ingredients and supporting independent farmers. Menus sing with produce grown in Wine Country gardens, meats from Wine Country ranches, dairy from Wine Country creameries, and seafood from Wine Country rivers and oceans.”

Source: Top Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Sonoma County

I get this newsletter from Sonoma. Are you a foodie like me? You will love reading about all this wonderful food. One of these guys makes his own salami. I felt like sharing. Must be because I have read too many books about anti-dieting lately. In California we go kind of nuts about local grown, farm to table cuisine. (OK we go very nuts.)

8 thoughts on “Top Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Sonoma County

  1. JoAnna

    We have some local farm to table enthusiasts here in NC. When my grape vine out back was producing regularly, and not overgrown with invaders like it is now, I loved picking a grape and eating it right there in the yard. Last week, I smelled the distinct aroma of those golden-green, scuppernong muscadines at a local produce store and just had to have some. Maybe this winter, I’ll clear out the invaders.

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  2. Fourth Generation Farmgirl

    I think that these farm-to-table movements are wonderful. Besides enjoying better food, we’re supporting local farmers–instead of factory farms and unethical treatment of animals. We have a few really wonderful farm-to/table restaurants in our area. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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