Maybe Things Are Changing At Last

I spotted this post on Yahoo Beauty today and felt a spark of hope. It is about a model, Erica Jean Schenk, who landed this cover for a running magazine.  It is encouraging to see that there may be a crack in the wall of popular media opinion about the definition of beauty and health. Is it possible that women who do not fit the current popular image of beauty have a chance? I know there is a Body Image movement and I think it’s great. And I say it’s about time.

Another nice post on this in Huffington Post by Louise Green. She says:

“More than half of North American women represent the plus-size demographic, making up hundreds of millions of women, yet only one fitness magazine in history is bold enough to showcase a plus-size woman on the cover.”

Maybe now there will be more magazines willing to do so.

4 thoughts on “Maybe Things Are Changing At Last

  1. Prajakta

    This was great to see. Just a few days back I saw this photo series on Huffington Post where they showcased yoga – where the folks practicing were NOT slender lithe white women. It’s great to see and celebrate diversity. It is about fitness !

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Yes I think there is definitely a movement underway and there are so many calls these days for acceptance of diversity in many different places. The idea that diversity is real and acceptable is starting to take hold. There has been so much damage done to so many people but at least there is some hope now. Let’s keep going in the right direction.

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