Writer’s Quote Wednesday-A Woman’s Worth Priceless

A woman I know wears a thin gold chain around her waist, under her clothes, with a charm bearing the inscription Priceless. It drives men crazy, she tells me. Small wonder. They love to be reminded of what they already know, since we live in a world that constantly denies it. She wears the chain, she says, in such a way that the charm falls perfectly across a certain female charka, as it were, which reminds her constantly of her inestimable value.–Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is an American author and spiritual teacher. She has published 10 books including 4 New York Times best sellers. “A Woman’s Worth” is one of her books. I have not read any of her books so I can not personally endorse any of them. This quote appealed to me because I like quotes that empower women.

In addition to writing books she founded Project Angel Food in Los Angeles which is a meals on wheels service for people suffering with AIDs. She works in organizations to eliminate poverty, promote peace, and support women who wish to pursue political candidacy.

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13 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-A Woman’s Worth Priceless

  1. gloriad54

    I have read most of Marianne’s earlier books, several times. They are dog eared and marked up. I have healed and grown more by reading her books than all the therapists I’ve been to throughout the years. “A Woman’s Worth” is an amazing book. My absolute favorite is “Enchanted Love”. Check out this quote from “A Return to Love” (at the bottom of the Home page): http://www.marianne.com/index.htm

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  2. Silver Threading

    How beautiful. Isn’t it funny how we forget our own self worth? I would love to have a chain like that. Deborah, you have out done yourself. This is truly excellent! ❤

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