Joy To The World and Peace

We need an infusion of joy and to pray for peace in the world. My prayer is that those making war will stop and consider peace. Here are some uplifting inspirations for those of us weary from all war.

From Matt Harding on You Tube:

And Som Sabadell flashmob Banco Sabadell:

I am sharing this post on Lindaghill for Stream Of Consciousness Saturday to say “No” to hopelessness, negativity and to the dream killers of the world. And say “Yes” to all the good in the world.


13 thoughts on “Joy To The World and Peace

  1. Laura L.

    Sigh. Fun. Interesting that they had to blur the faces for Damascus and only Damascus, despite some of the other places they visited. I want that job. 🙂 I wish spontaneous acts of chamber music happened with more frequency.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Yes but even in Damascus there were people who had joy and hope. I hope they are all right now. I think we forget or do not realize that in all these countries, even in ones that we consider our enemies, there are people who have dreams, hopes, and love life just like we do. We’ve had some spontaneous Opera in LA. 🙂

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