How Technology Can Block Our Creativity

How Technology Can Block Our Creativity.  I was coming out of my morning fog, drinking my coffee, and checking out my Email when I saw someone on LinkedIn, Dr. Louis Naude on the Council for Exceptional Children group site, had shared the article above about how so many of us are addicted to our smartphones.  Dr. Naude states, ” If we’re constantly bombarding our brains with input we do not leave much space for creativity.” This has been an idea I have been kicking around for awhile.

If you are walking around, like “the walking dead”, constantly checking your phone when do you have the time to think creatively or think in depth at all? So I was interested to see there is this project, mentioned in the article, at New Tech City called Bored and Brilliant.

In the first post of Bored and Brilliant it says that people who study these things have found that, yes, we do need idle, reflective time for our brains to be creative. Novel idea.

The Bored and Brilliant project has been started to help people get unhooked from their smartphones and start being brilliant. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Here’s a part of their first post:

“Here’s the issue: It goes back to when Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007 — that’s less than a decade ago. Fifty-eight percent of American adults have a smartphone today. The average mobile consumer checks their device 150 times a day, and 67 percent of the time, that’s not because it rang or vibrated. Forty-four percent of Americans have slept with their phone next to their beds.”

So if you think you may be spending way too much time with your technology it would be worth it to check out this project.

This post is my contribution to Dandelion Fuzz’s weekly challenge. This weeks topic is Social Media.



9 thoughts on “How Technology Can Block Our Creativity

  1. Kat

    I’m intrigued and a little afraid of this. I do realize that my creativity kicks in when I ignore my phone, but I would hate to see how much I actually check my phone when I’m not really thinking about it. This is definitely an interesting project.

    Thanks for participating! 🙂

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  2. LifestyleswithLia

    Ok, so I’m completely guilty of all that you’ve mentioned regarding my smartphone! I sleep next to it and eat next to it and if by chance I leave it at home, I feel lost…
    I’m definitely a candidate to check out more about how to unblock more creativity by putting my phone to rest more often…
    Thanks for sharing this with us and for calling it to my attention!

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  3. M

    We are overwhelmingly addicted to our devices. It’s unsettling. If you take any form of public transportation, nearly 80% of people will be face down in a phone. Ahh!

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      When I first started blogging I found myself getting a bit addicted to checking into WordPress all the time and on my smart phone I was checking as well. I did not look through all the posts on the Bored and Brilliant Project but they say they have suggestions on how to start getting un-addicted. Thanks for your comment.

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