Saturday Mornings


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“What irritates me most of all about these morning people is their horribly good temper, as if they have been up for three hours and already conquered France.” —Timur Vermes

In my full-time working years Saturday morning was a time to relax. To wake up, look at the clock and remember that I did not have to get up early that day. Except when I worked as a Nurse in a hospital or in Home Health. Then I did have to work every other weekend. But on the Saturdays I was off it was a great feeling. Unless I had to get up for one of my kid’s soccer games. Oh those early morning games were not my favorite!

Nowadays, I do have more time off because I am semi-retired and my kids are grown. So usually I do not have any reason to get up early on Saturday. My husband loves Saturday because he is still into the Monday thru Friday work scene. He does wake up fairly early anyway. Sometimes he inadvertently wakes me up which I do not like. I describe myself as not being a morning person.

Not being a morning person means I do not get up with the first light and I am slow to get going in the morning if left to my own natural inclinations. I am not ready for a lot of conversation especially not before my first cup of coffee. It takes me a while to come to full consciousness. Have to start out slow. Gradual. Don’t rush me. Otherwise, grump alert.

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Mornings

  1. Dan Antion

    I am a morning person and I am one of the happy cheerful ones, sorry. I wrote earlier about the problem of waking up on the weekend and intruding on my wife’s quiet time (she’s even more of a morning person than me). I guess it doesn’t matter when you get up, some people are slow to start.

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  2. Sandi

    I used to be a night owl: in college, I wrote my best papers between 2 and 3 in the morning. I’m slowly becoming more of a morning person; the quiet of my house in the morning is priceless. I’m concerned, though, that I don’t seem to read at night like I used to. Still love my morning coffee — like you, Deborah!

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Well I know what you mean about reading. After reading a lot of blogs my desire to read has diminished. I usually read something soothing at night. Nothing too demanding. But I have several books here waiting for me and I want to get back to reading books again! Thanks Sandi.

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  3. Kat

    I’m a morning person even on the weekends. I start getting anxious if I’m still in bed at 7am. I have no real reason to get up most Saturdays other than to feed the dog and yet, I need to get up.

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