Day of Rest

Now that I have found my voice I am getting tired of hearing myself talk.–D.

Introverts do not like making small talk. I think blogging daily is like trying to make small talk. I wondered if blogging is for introverts at all. I googled the topic and found an old blog about it. It claimed that introverts like to blog because it is easier for them in that they do not have to talk to someone face to face. That is probably true but on the other hand to endlessly blah, blah, blah is not the introvert way.

So today I am taking a day of rest from blah, blah, blogging. Happy Sunday!

Do you think bloggers are introverts or extroverts?

|Nano Poblano| among other things.

12 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. Sandi

    Wonderful photo! I am an introvert outside the walls of my house, but within my house I am an extrovert, if that makes sense. Outside, I listen. Inside, I probably talk too much — just like in my blog. Even we introverts have that need to connect and to share, and that is where blogging comes in for us. But, at least one blogger whom I know personally is definitely an extrovert, and other bloggers whom I’ve read at WP seem to be extroverts, based on references to their social lives. Enjoy your rest 🙂

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  2. Sean

    I think they are perverted … only kidding! I think that with blogging there is definitely an element of sharing one’s emotions, feelings, etc., which I would class as being extroverted. On the other hand, it isn’t face to face contact, so blogging has elements that favour introverts. It is probably a combination of both personality traits, or perhaps a digression from one character trait to the other.

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  3. LifestyleswithLia

    Hmmm this is a very interesting question… It could go either way…. They say there’s an introvert and extrovert inside all of us… I think clicking the Publish button for the first time on a new blog brings out the extrovert in simply sharing one’s story with the world!

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  4. JoAnne Silvia

    You sure found a great photo for this. I love the expression on the woman’s face, so relaxed and comfortable, like she could easily drift off to sleep. She seems surrounded by dinginess, except for the oasis of her cozy hammock and bright dress. But to address your question: As an introvert who’s learned to be sociable in certain situations, blogging allows me to communicate at my own pace and on my own terms. It allows more time for processing….and editing. My guess is that writers in general tend to lean more toward introversion. Bloggers could be either. Thanks for following “Anything is Possible.”

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  5. DebraB

    Good question! I am an introvert, and I definitely find it easier to interact with people through writing. That’s why I gravitate towards blogging, facebook, etc. There is something about interacting with people in person that is draining. I don’t experience that with the written word.
    Having said that, I know what you mean about small talk. That’s something a lot of introverts don’t enjoy, so being FORCED to say something everyday might not be great, either. The NaBloPoMo experience is challenging for that reason.

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