There are a multitude of synonyms for inspiration like fountain, spring, root, well, guide, creativity, vision, spark and illumination.

Sometimes when I re-read my writing, after I have had a good session with words flowing, I think to myself how did I come up with that thought expressed in that way?

I am not sure from where in me this creativity originates. Is it part of the brain? I think more likely the soul because it is spontaneous. It is not contrived or mechanical.

Some have credited a muse or external source. A spirit guide or angel.What do you think is the source of your creativity? Is it external or internal?

untitled  Writing

|Nano poblano| among other things.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. annanolan2014

    Thank you for these insights, Deborah. Well, my own creativity is quite limited, but what little I do possess undoubtedly stems from my all-consuming passion for English. Luckily, I’m also a satirist so try to infuse my musings about English usage with as much humour as possible – but it’s not always easy!

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  2. luciledegodoy

    I’d say that for me it’s a two way process; better said, it is a partnership between an internal sensor with an external context. Sometimes ideas start inside-out and find outside elements to complement it, like an image, a word someone said…
    Other times is the context that triggers the idea outside-in finding its way to wherever it was stored.
    It’s a subtle, fast process, that surely doesn’t cross my left brain as I may even miss it, if I don’t take a note immediately. I sometimes wish I had taken a note of ideas I had while asleep as I can’t remember them anymore.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Sometimes I feel like I have a ghost writer. In that a force inside is coming out in my writing. I will start out thinking I am going to write a certain thing or a certain way and then it takes off almost by itself. Mystical and mystifying.




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