Part II for Which Witch Blog Hop: The Druids

untitled  An Arch Druid in His Judicial Habit

I have learned a lot about the Druids since I began researching for my first post, Samhain. I have read some the other posts on the Which Witch Blog Hop and Hocus Pocus and in other sources.

Some information I have learned is that the Druids history was an oral one and that anything we know about them was written by the Romans or Christian monks or pieced together from artifacts found in archeological digs.

Their history could have been distorted or edited as a result of cultural bias. Many of their stories are part of Celtic myths that were passed down orally as well.

My knowledge is limited in that I am a new to the subject. But what I have learned has enabled me to use my imagination in writing about Aine. I took what information I have read to inspire my story.

I was surprised to find that there are people today who call themselves Druids and practice some of the old traditions. It has been fun to learn about this topic and it has really inspired my writing lately.

I wrote another blog about Aine.

It has been fun to participate in this blog hop at The Way of the Wytch and nice to meet the other bloggers through their posts and comments.

This is the season of the witch by sammydavisdog

    Season Of The Witch

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5 thoughts on “Part II for Which Witch Blog Hop: The Druids

  1. Laura L.

    You might be interested in the many historical novels of Morgan Llywelyn. Lots of Druidy goodness. I forget which one it was, but one I particularly liked was told from the Druid point of view of the Roman invasion into Celtic territories.

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  2. Saxton-Corner

    Thanks so much for taking part. I am really happy to hear that your research into the history of Druidism has lead to some great writing. It certainly is a fascinating subject leaving lots open to the imagination. I look forward to reading more from you. 🙂

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