Introduction to Me and Blogging

I started blogging to get practice with writing and as an experiment to see where it would lead and if I would like it. I started out blogging with a generational theme as a boomer then decided that I did not want to limit myself to one age group or topics related specifically to one age group. There are issues I am concerned about related to age, women, life and others.

When I was younger I always wanted to know people of different ages and backgrounds. So now I want to still do that  and not limit my writing. Only in that it applies to being human and my experience. I  can be funny, I think, but did not want to have that type of blog either where I made a joke of everything I am experiencing. I did do some writing like that at first.

I do not want to be an advice blog. I could probably manage to do that as well but have not wanted to so far. I would like to have a universal appeal and not be limited and not be preachy. I don’t want to have to write in a way that is calculated to appeal to an audience but is not really authentic to me.

Now we know what I do not want to do. So no one will want to read what I write? 🙂

The  main thing for me is to develop my skills and find my voice. I see the blog as a way to do that and to connect with other writers who may share my interests or enable me to develop some new interests as well.

I do like writing about my interests like movies, books, California, my life and some of my early life experiences and issues important to me now.

I chose the name of my blog, Notes Tied on the Sagebrush, based on an image that came to mind  of someone writing and not knowing who would read it, or if anyone would, and the notes being a way of self-expression.

I may want to begin a more ambitious writing project as in a book eventually. And would not like the blog to take up a lot of time that I could use to do research and other writing.

I have found I do look for feedback with the blogs I have written already. That can get to be unhealthy though, in that one can spend their time looking to see who likes their posts.

Wasn’t Facebook involved in a project like that to try to influence people’s behavior by giving them what they had liked in the past? I could become addicted to “likes.”

Featured Image of Blog Writer by Mike Licht,

Birthday Flower Image by jinterwas

Birthday Flower Image by jinterwas

6 thoughts on “Introduction to Me and Blogging

  1. Terri

    I love the name of your blog. It reminds me of a story I read on another blog about someone who left manilla tags with twine and a pen next to her tree adjacent to a walking trail. She added a sign inviting people to share their prayers, wishes and dreams. Within a few weeks her tree was completely covered with tags. It was such a beautiful image – not unlike the image of someone writing notes and tying them onto sagebrush. 🙂

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  2. Deborah Drucker Post author

    Thanks Terri for your lovely comment. The title was based on a story that had been made into a film about a woman alone on the western frontier. You can read about it in my About page. But I felt the image of tying notes on bushes reminded me of writing a blog and not knowing who may eventually read it. And it is like your tree with people expressing what is inside of them.

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